Box of 50 9 mm cartridges

Total Polymer Jacket 115 grain conical round nose

Soft Recoil Re-manufactured once used cases 


  • Improved accuracy by using hard cast lead covered in a polymer jacked impregnated with dry lubricant  
  • Reduce lead exposure because all the lead is enclosed unlike an FMJ bullet
  • Minimizes gun cleaning and lead contact
  • Reduces wear and tear on your firearm since the polymer acts like a bearing in your barrel
  • Prevents harsh metal on metal contact
  • Increase barrel life
  • Awesome bullet colors and combinations
  • Reduces splash back when shooting metal targets because ther is no hard and sharp copper in the projectile
  • No fouling of polymer clean your barrel out with a cotton swab

Spectrum Series (TM) 9 mm TPJ 115 Soft Recoil Re-manufactured 50 Rounds

Color: Red
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